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The Casa de Acevedo is a very old and distinguished family of both Spain and Portugal. This family originated from a French Knight named "Arnaldo de Bazán", who came to Spain from Gascony in the year 980 AD to crusade against the Moors.  He settled in Galicia in the lands of Orense near the frontiers of Portugal during the reign of King Alfonso VI of Leon.

His grandson, Egas Gosindo de Bazán married Doña Ebescua Viegas in the county of Portugal, near Lisbon in the town of "Acevedo" (from the word "Acebo" meaning "Holly Tree"). They had a son who founded a house in a place called Acevedo (Portugal), taking the name as the last name. Don Egas de Bazán had two sons, Henan de Acevedo and Men Perez de Acevedo who was the patriarch of the Portuguese Casa de Azevedo.

Hernan de Acevedo went to Spain in the service of King Alfonso VI of Castille and assisted in the capture of Toledo. The Portuguese branch of the family came to Spain later when Don Diego de Acevedo Fonseca y Ulloa married Doña Francisca de Zuñiga, the II Countess of Monterey and subsequently became related to many other Noble Houses of Spain. Knights of the House of Acevedo participated in the capture of Baeza and Ubeda from the Moors and are recorded in the various Knightly Orders of Spain.

The Acevedo family came from the town of "Barca de Avila", in the province of Avila, in Castillo de Vieja where it is known that the relations and ancestors of the family derive from. From the descendants of Don Diego de Acevedo Fonseca y Ulloa and of the branch from the town of "Barca de Avila", through a Royal Patent of Nobility, descended Don Jacinto de Acevedo. His son, Don Manuel Jacinto de Acevedo y Galán, went to Puerto Rico as the Ministerio de Hacienda Real during the 1780's. After Puerto Rico, Don Manuel Jacinto de Acevedo y Galan was assigned to the city of San Luis de Potosi, Mexico as Corregidor and Intedente.

There are two coat of arms for the Acevedo family: The Acevedo family from Castille, with its alliance with the house of Ayala, adopted a Squared shield, quadrant 1 and 4 in gold, a Holly tree and quadrants 2 and 3 in silver, a white wolf. The border in red with eight (8) Xs in gold. The other Acevedo family adopted a shield with a Holly tree on gold with a white greyhound tied to the Holly tree trunk.

Descendants of Jacinto de ACEVEDO
Born: About 1705 in Plasencia, Estramadura, Spain (family from Barca de Avila) Manuel Jacinto de ACEVEDO y Galán Born: 1731 in Plasencia, Provincia de Estremadura, Spain Died: 1823 in San Luis de Potosi, Mexico Fact 1: Minister of the Royal Treasury in Puerto Rico by Royal Appointment of King Fernando VI Doña Juana de Acevedo y Daban : Gov. Don Juan Daban had his daughter marry when she was 16 years old to the Minister of the Royal Treasury, Don Manuel Jacinto de Acevedo y Galan (55 yrs old). They were married in the Cathedral in San Juan, PR. Don Juan Daban was a Colonel in the Army when he acted as Gov. and Captain Gen. of Puerto Rico. Later he was promoted to Brigadier General and Field Marshall when he was Gov. of Cuba . Juana Maria de ACEVEDO y Dabán Born: December 15, 1788 in San Juan, Puerto Rico Died: July 31, 1826 in San Luis de Potosi, Mexico
Fact 1: Full Name = Juana, Bautista, Maria de la Conception, Eusebia,

Francisco GARRIGA de Acevedo y Cores Born: December 04, 1819 in San Luis de Potosi, Mexico Died: 1910 in Santiago de Compestela, Galicia, Spain Fact 1: Knight of the Royal Order of Hermanigildo by Royal Appointment of Queen Isabel II and the "Order of Isabela la Catolica", first class and 2 Medals of "Benemerita de Patria".

Juan Bautista GARRIGA y Acevedo Born: 1820 in San Luis de Potosi, Mexico Died: December 21, 1891 in Santiago, Galicia, Spain Fact 1: Captain of the Infantry Juana Rita de Otalora Born: in Manila, Phillipines.

Maria de los Angeles GARRIGA y Acevedo Born: 1823 Died: March 03, 1828 in Villa de Guanabacva, Cuba in the parish church of Our Lady of the Ascension Fact 1: She was 5 yrs old when she died Maria de la Conception GARRIGA y Acevedo Born: 1825 Died: December 24, 1834 in Villa de Villajuan, Province of Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain Fact 1: Buried in the Parish of San Martin de Sobran.

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